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Commissions Commissions
From time to time, we are commissioned by other organisations such as British Waterways, the Upper Severn Navigation Trust or the National Waterways Museum, to work on their own projects.

Archive Footage
We can also supply our own material to individuals or institutions for them to use in their own productions.

Footage from our video archive has been used in this way by the National Trust, British Waterways, Independent Television and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Viewing copies of archive material on a given subject can be supplied with time code in picture to help with edit decision making.

Sight Seen Partnerships Sight Seen Partnerships
Sight Seen Partnerships are another good example: we produced the titles:
  • Towpath Encounter
  • Warehouse at Work
  • Last Run from Anglesey
  • A Tanner a Night
  • Topcloth and Tippet

for them, shooting and editing the material to their specification and mastering the DVDs.

These excellent productions benefit from the script writing and direction of leading waterways personalities Tony Lewery and Glyn Philips.

The DVDs are available from Sight Seen Partnerships
email: Sightseen Partnerships email
and also from our Sight Seen Partnership pages >>