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Punching rivet holes Background

Hames are a vital part of a working horse's harness and in these days of robot assembly lines, the process of making a "Show" hame by hand from a flat sheet of brass is a fascinating demonstration of the metal working skills that made the English Midlands famous as the Workshop of the World.

The hame takes shape

Recorded at Walsall Lock & Cart Gear Ltd. in 1986, just before closure after 113 years of trading.

Produced in association with the Black Country Museum and Walsall Leather Centre.

A finished hame on a horses collar

Please note - the VHS compilation has been discontinued, because most of the content is now available in the fully edited DVD production, "Hand Made Hames".

The completed hame


  • NGR: SP 003 987.
  • Recorded January 1986.

The images on this page are taken from the video.