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A toll stop island on the main line Background

A representative selection of material recorded on the BCN from 1982 onwards, but excluding most of the Dudley tunnel footage which appears in other productions and compilations. The early material was originally collected for possible inclusion in the production "A Crooked Ditch".

Caggy Stevens tug 'Caggy' at Wolverhampton Top lock, February 1985

Now that material and even the more recent footage have become a historical record of the BCN, much of which has changed since the recordings were made.

Farmer's Bridge locks, Birmingham


  • This compilation has no commentary..
  • £ 14.40 - DVD
  • Running Time: 82 mins.
  • Recorded 1982-1988
  • All prices include worldwide delivery.
  • Timecode in Picture (BITC)

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The images on this page are taken from the video.