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Wilf Davies Background

Wilf Davies was recorded demonstrating hand file cutting at the age of 80 in the Lock Museum, Willenhall in July 1987. Wilf has been involved in the cutting and making of files since he was 14 years old. Today, files are machine-made, but hand made files are still highly prized by the skilled metal-worker.

Cutting file teeth

This recording follows the complete process of file cutting, including hardening of the finished file in salt water.

Made with the help of The Lock Museum & Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council.

(Included in Compilation No.27 "Locks, Keys and Files")

Cutting teeth on the edge of the file


  • This compilation has no commentary..
  • NGR: (139) SO 961 984
  • £ 10.00 - DVD
  • Running Time: 23 mins.
  • Recorded July 1987
  • All prices include worldwide delivery.
  • 'PAL' and 'NTSC' versions available.

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The images on this page are taken from the video.