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Millstone Background

This water powered corn mill in a beautiful setting at Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire was recorded in April 1987 grinding corn for bread. The building has two undershot wheels, the West Wheel still drives a pair of mill stones, while the East Wheel now drives ancillary equipment.

A sack of grain passing through the 'trapdoor'

Both wheels use the traditional wooden machinery: pit wheel, wallower, great spur wheel, stone nuts and crown wheel. This enhanced compilation includes diagrams and a commentary.

Grain entering the stone hopper


  • With commentary and graphics.
  • NGR: (151) SP 259 572
  • £ 10.00 - DVD
  • Running time: 15 mins.
  • Recorded April 1987
  • All prices include worldwide delivery.
  • 'PAL' and 'NTSC' versions available.

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The images on this page are taken from the video.