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Loading coal at Kellingley Background

On a hot summer day in August 1997, the Cawoods Hargreaves push tug CH106 takes full 170 tonne compartment boats to Ferrybridge C power station where they are marshalled, lifted 12m by the gigantic boat hoist and the coal tipped into hoppers.

A Cawoods Hargreaves push tug passing the boat hoist

The empty boats are then re-assembled into a train and towed along the Aire & Calder canal through Ferrybridge lock, via Knottingley to be re-loaded from the conveyor at Kellingley colliery.

The compilation shows in detail the operation of this waterway coal carrying operation, which is the modern descendant of the old "Tom Puddings" system.

CH 106 at Ferrybridge Lock


  • This compilation has no commentary..
  • £ 12.00 - DVD
  • Running Time: 39 mins
  • Recorded August 1997
  • All prices include worldwide delivery.
  • Produced with support from the National Waterways Museum at Gloucester.

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The images on this page are taken from the video.