Gula Java - Java's Historic Sugar Mills
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"Gula Java" is a CD-ROM of photos by Rob Dickinson.

Rob's in-depth knowledge of the Java sugar mills and their railway systems is second to none and his love of the island and its people shows through clearly in his work.

This collection celebrates the continued active existence of the historic sugar mills of Java. By and large kitted-out in the 1920s and 1930s with then state of the art equipment, their operation is a tribute both to the companies that built them and the engineers who maintain them today.

If you are a stationary steam engine enthusiast and thought that the only place to see them working was in a museum, then this CD-ROM with hundreds of active engines seen working in 2002/3 will be a complete revelation. It should inspire greater interest around the world and spark attempts to conserve this industrial heritage for the future.

About this CD-ROM
The layout is similar to a conventional photo-album, with high quality pictures, a little text, and informative captions. The CD-ROM is laid out in sections which means that, like a conventional picture book you can "dip in" in to particular areas such as part of the sugar process or view photo galleries showing individual mills in much greater detail.

Gula Java - Java's Historic Sugar Mills


  • The high-quality digital images can be viewed at up to 1024x768 pixels and printed.
  • More than 1250 full-colour images, presented like a railway photo-album.
  • Numerous maps and diagrams and informative text and captions.
  • Image navigation by Neobook Professional.
  • Requires IBM compatible PC running Windows 95/98/NT or later.
  • © Rob Dickinson

For ordering information please contact:
Rob and Yuehong Dickinson, International Steam Videos