Tiger Steam - Steam at Work in South East Asia
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"Tiger Steam" is an "Images of Rail" CD-ROM of photos by Rob Dickinson and more than 20 other railway photographers including Basil Roberts.

They sought out the steam locomotives of south-east Asia which have rarely been seen in print before. Shays, Garratts and a Mallet are supplimented by an all-star cast drawn from Europe, America and Japan.

Public and industrial railways are represented on a bewildering array of gauges between 600mm and standard.

The countries covered are Burma, Cambodia, Fiji, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Viet Nam. Sit back and enjoy steam at work in the tropics between the 1950s and the present day.

About this CD-ROM
The layout is similar to a conventional photo-album, with high quality pictures, a little text, and informative captions. The CD-ROM is laid out in sections which means that the viewer can read it like book, or "dip in" or to view photo-galleries of related pictures (e.g. rosters of systems).

Tiger Steam  - Steam at Work in South East Asia


  • The high-quality pictures were scanned from colour slides and can be viewed at up to 1024x768 pixels and printed.
  • More than 1200 images and 20 maps, presented like a railway photo-album.
  • Informative text and captions
  • Image navigation by Neobook Professional.
  • Requires IBM compatible PC running Windows 95/98/NT or later.
  • © Rob Dickinson and Images of Rail.

For ordering information please contact:
Rob and Yuehong Dickinson, International Steam Videos