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Fully edited TV programmes about various historic industry and Industrial Archaeology subjects, with commentary, graphics, etc. Our productions are suitable for general audiences. They will be of interest to anybody who cares about our industrial heritage or who would like to know more about industrial processes.

The Hand Made Series

The Hand Made Series - Industrial crafts & skills

The craft of the human hand was once vital for industry. These productions show what skilled people can achieve without the help of automated machines. Often, the versatility and experience of individual people can compete sucessfully with the faster but less flexible modern production line.

The Waterways Series

The Waterways Series - Inland Waterways history

The canals of Britain are now used for a wide range of leisure activities, yet the modern canal user often gives little thought to the trials and tribulations that the canal builders went through, to give us such a diverse and interesting environment. British waterways, navigable and derelict, represent 4,800 linear kilometres of industrial archaeology.

The Underground Series

The Underground Series - Mining history & actuality, underground industry

Minerals have been mined since pre-historic times all over the world. The British Isles are particularly rich in the heritage of mining from the Bronze age to the present day. Many other man-made underground structures have been forgotten and lost with the passage of time.

These tapes and DVDs and many compilations have been produced with considerable help from the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club (SCMC), and are an attempt to record something of our underground industrial history, before it is too late.

The images on this page are taken from various videos.