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All the hundreds of hours of video footage we have shot since 1978 is stored in our Video Archive.

Archive material is made widely and easily available in two main forms:

1. As Productions - fully edited TV programmes with commentary, graphics, etc., suitable for a more general audience.

2. As Compilations - aimed at enthusiasts and containing as much relevant material as possible, not edited-down just to make a slick programme; usually without commentary.

3. As Co-productions - like our Productions but made in conjunction with another organisation.

A to Z Archive Video Archive List
Productions and Compilations are just the tip of our archive iceberg of course.

If you are interested in material on a given subject, first check the A to Z Archivelist or use our Search page. If you still can't find what you want, please enquire via e-mail (see the Contact Us page for details)

Unedited copies of material on individual subjects from the archive can be supplied on any video format for viewing purposes only; for a charge covering the cost of disc or tape, standards conversion if necessary, duplication, postage etc.

If you are interested in purchasing Productions, Compilations or Coproductions, please visit the Sales page.

Saving material Saving other material
We specialise in recording our own material rather than exploiting existing historic films; but if you know of some relevant film or video footage that deserves wider circulation, please contact us to see whether we can help by publicising it on our web site, or even selling and distributing it for you.

Also see our "Friends" pages (listed in the left-hand column) for details of material recorded for or by other organisations.

Archive Material Note
The only material listed in theA to Z Archive is original video footage shot by IAR between 1978 and the present.

(It only covers video subjects. Our photographic archive covers a much larger number of sites!)

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