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About Us

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Recording old industryFounded in 1982, I.A.Recordings is dedicated to recording past and present industry using high definition video and photography.

Moving pictures are obviously an ideal way of capturing the methods and processes of a working environment whenever that is possible.

We make video records of working industry as well as the remains of past industries.

If you know of an old skill, craft or trade, or a working or disused machine, industrial building or landscape that you feel should be recorded; please get in touch with us.

We do our best to respond to all "endangered sites" calls!

I.A. Recordings is based in Britain, and is purely voluntary with no paid officers. The work is funded by sales of DVDs and other media based entirely on our own archive material.

I.A.Recordings at work underground


Industrial subjectsAll industrial subjects deserve recording, but our resources are limited so we will favour those with the most historical interest; for example, existing firms that are carrying on an ancient trade (Hand Made Bricks), or those firms that are about to close after a long career of manufacture (Hand Rolling of Steel).

When recording a working industry, we prefer not to influence what is happening. A "Fly-on-the-wall" technique provides a factual record of the process, rather than a documentary; which is traditionally someone's personal interpretation of events.

This approach has also trained us to record in difficult, cramped and dangerous environments such as working mines and steelworks.

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