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Co-Productions Index

Co-Productions Index

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Productions made in conjunction with other organisations

In addiiton to our own productions we have helped and worked with a wide range of other organisations to record disappearing crafts, trades and skills, and to celebrate our industrial heritage.

A small selection of this work is detailed here:

Spry - the last Severn Trow

Spry - the last Severn Trow

A co-production with the 'Spry Trust'. This recording follows the recovering, restoring and sailing of the unique historic trading vessel the 'SPRY’ - one of the larger, estuary navigating Severn trows

Sight Seen Partnerships - Recording essential waterways skills and techniques

The Sight Seen Partnerships Collection

This collection of 6 DVDs was produced for Sight Seen Partnerships, a group of waterways enthusiasts dedicated to preserving and recording waterways skills and techniques, whilst the memories of those who actually worked on the boats are still fresh enough to correct and guide the efforts of those taking part.

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