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Blu-ray™ discs

Blu-ray™ discs

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Blu-ray discsBlu-ray™ discs

Our High Definition titles are supplied on Blu-ray. Please check before buying that you can play Blu-ray discs.

They can only be played in Blu-ray disc players, Blu-ray computer disc drives and Playstation® game consoles.

Our Blu-ray discs are BD-R type. If your user manual says that your player can play BD-R or BD-RE or BD-RE/-R discs, everything should be OK.

Our High Definition Productions and Compilations are 1080/I/25 and can also be supplied in the 1080/I/30 standard.

You may see these called "1080i50" or "1080 50i" and "1080i60" or "1080 60i" * - the important thing is that these are the usual standards for Full-HD television. We will supply the appropriate standard for your country, based on your address.

You can specify the standard yourself if you prefer - just email us.

You will need a TV or monitor which is "HD ready" to see the pictures in full quality. Ideally the screen resolution should be 1920x1080 and can be either i (interlaced) or p (progressive). Displays with lower resolutions can often downscale HD footage and provide adequate results.

Even the user manuals of Blu-ray players admit that "Blu-ray disc is a new and evolving format" and that "Disc compatibility issues are possible". Some players have even had to have firmware updates to play the very latest Hollywood movies! At least our discs should not have that problem.


Technical exactitude

* Strictly speaking, in 'NTSC' countries the 30 figure is really 29.97 and 60 is really 59.94.


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