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Reviews of our Releases

Reviews of our Releases

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Independent testimonials

From Britain's leading magazines in the fields of Industrial Heritage, Waterways and Underground Exploration

Headframe at Geevor Tin Mine, Cornwall'Mongst Mines and Mine Explorers

"The method of recording makes the results especially appealing: the products are not dry articles or papers, but films." 

"The documentaries ran smoothly with excellent, revealing commentaries that will fascinate anyone with even a slight interest in the region. The Burrow material did not disappoint: here, delicate pans across the superb images were accompanied by knowledgeable and revealing explanations from the narrator. In short, this is a beautiful compilation of films." (Descent)

"As is to be expected with I.A.Recordings the filming is excellent and the commentary informative whilst not dominating the images... this set will be an invaluable reminder of much that has been lost." (Archive)

The SCMC in Cornwall

This Compilation has been completely replaced by the massive new 3-DVD production 'Mongst Mines and Mine Explorers which contains all the footage from the Compilation, plus a great deal more. This is what they said about the earlier version: 

"This is a compilation... offering genuine value for money, giving the viewer a unique 'I was there' feeling.

"It's compelling stuff." (Archive)

"...provides 144 minutes of fascinating viewing" " the impression that you are present in the party"
(Peak District Mines Historical Society Newsletter)

Morse's Level (Compilation 28)

"This is cracking stuff, warmly recommended and should be required viewing for all Whitehall mandarins who don't understand why men want to go down mines." (Archive)


"One of the best mining films yet produced" (Industrial Heritage)

"The quality is excellent" (Descent)

"The underground scenes are particularly interesting" (Archive)

A Tour of Carrs Mine

"...very professional, high-quality informative documentary...

"...written and produced in an exciting way so that there is no time to be bored.

"This is an excellent video..." (Descent)

The New Dudley Tunnel

"Considering the appalling conditions in the workings, the filming is excellent and well complimented by diagrams and graphics"
(Waterways World)

The Milton Maid (Compilation 12)

"Once again these scenes are unrepeatable." (Waterways World)

John Bradley Rolling Mill [Andy Rutter]Hand Rolling of Steel

"We must thank I.A.Recordings and the late Keith Gale for recording the last days of operation of the John Bradley sections mill in the English West Midlands.

"...excellent recording and commentary..." (Steel Times)

Telford's Last Canal

"The quality of video photography is Superb" (Canal & Riverboat Monthly)

"These productions have lost none of their fascination" (Waterways World)

A Crooked Ditch

"It is a tribute to the graphics, cartography and production of this DVD that the development of the entire system is covered clearly and concisely" (Waterways World)

The Manchester Ship Canal

"The photography and graphics are far superior to the products of almost any of the film makers whose videos regularly feature on this page" (Waterways World)

Tom Puddings

"I.A.Recordings are to be congratulated for having the foresight to record this and other vanishing practices of the Industrial age and indeed, should be supported" (Archive)

"Mesmerising and memorable" (Waterways World)

Humber Energy (Compilation 38)

"...we are treated to a commentary from Captain Jim Pearson as he steers up the cut. And what steering!" (Waterways World)

"Capturing scenes on board and from the shoreline with much atmosphere.

"A running commentary by Captain Jim Pearson dispenses gems of information.

"Highly evocative and essential viewing for all supporters of waterway transport" (Archive)

CH 106 (Compilation 39)

"The in-depth coverage of pans being handled is utterly fascinating.
"Portrays in a vivid fashion what our larger inland waterways are capable of" (Archive)

"...records of working techniques for the future historian...this one, for many, will be a revelation."

"...a picture is worth a thousand words" (Waterways World)

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