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Nenthead Shafts

Mine Exploration, MineCam No.5

Nenthead Shafts
Mine Exploration, MineCam No.5

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Setting up the MineCam for descentBackground

In 1997 and 1998, the I.A.Recordings MineCam Mk 4 was used to explore 11 shafts of the extensive Nenthead lead and zinc mine complex on Alston Moor.

This Compilation includes the footage from all eleven of the shafts, including the famous Brewery shaft.

Ginged 106m deep shaft 1. Middle Whimsey (NY 7685 4232)
2. Longholehead Whmsey (NY 7710 4225)
3. Bogg (NY 7852 4192)
4. Readshaws (NY 7852 4185)
5. Nentsberry Haggs (NY 795 450)
6. Lovelady Shield (NY 756 461)
7. Brewery Shaft (NY 7832 4356)
8. White Syke (NY 7513 4251)
9. Un-name Shaft (NY 7831 4197)
10. Hangingshaw Engine Whimsey (NY 7877 4301)
11. Un-named Shaft (NY 7584 4194)

Partially collapsed level 18m down The DVDs come with a printed datasheet showing the shaft sections and a sketch map showing the relative positions of shafts and adjoining mines.

NOTE: Most of the shafts are on private land and we would like to thank the landowners for allowing us access.

If you are interested in the mines of Nenthead, see also the DVD production "A Tour of Carrs Mine" and Compilation No.44 "Nenthead Lead Mines".

Large diameter water pipes


  • This compilation has no commentary.
  • £ 16.80 - Two DVD set, plus printed Datasheet diagram.
  • Running Time: 179 mins.
  • Recorded 1997 & 1998.
  • Price includes worldwide delivery.
  • ' PAL' and 'NTSC' versions available.


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The images on this page are taken from the video.

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