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Making paper at Two Rivers Mill, Somerset Background

Hand made paper is still in great demand by artists and for commemorative documents. Several mills in the UK still make paper by hand using traditional wooden moulds.

Making a mould is a very specialised craft. The only man in Britain still doing it is Ron MacDonald who started with E. Amies and Son Limited of Maidstone in Kent in 1948 and was involved with all aspects of mould making. He carried on into retirement with equipment moved to his home near Maidstone.

This DVD shows the skill and craftsmanship which Ron learnt over several decades.

The rectangular face mesh and the coarser backing behind it have to be made specially for each mould. They are woven on Ronald’s unique wire-twisting loom which was built by E. Amies in 1889.

Wire twisting loom of 1889
Mould and deckle

The mahogany frames are sawn, planed and chiselled using all the techniques Ron was taught during his apprenticeship, including the very unusual and complex corner joints of the deckle.

Made with the help of the British Association of Paper Historians. (see Links page.)

Recorded and mastered in High Definition.
Standard definition DVD copies like this clearly benefit from the very high master quality.

Hand Made Paper Moulds DVD case

The images on this page are taken from the video.


  • Written by Peter Eggleston
  • 16:9 widescreen (anamorphic)
  • © IAR 2010
  • £13.45 - DVD (Standard definition)
  • Running time: 28 mins.
  • Price includes worldwide delivery.
  • ' PAL' and 'NTSC' versions available.

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